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We resolve accounts using a range of tools and techniques, in addition to proven strategies we’ve developed over the course of our company’s history. Our approach is unique, and it’s the reason our collection rate surpasses the industry average.

Outsourcing & Accounts Receivable

Many small and growing businesses cannot spare the time to recover outstanding balances. If your company is dealing with recurring collection needs, our team can provide ongoing support — whether we start day one or day sixty — while you conduct business as usual.  

When accounts move beyond their past-due date, companies can experience profit loss. We can improve your cash flow by functioning as the accounts receivable arm of your business. 

Customized Collection Services

The most effective collection strategy combines physical and electronic means of notifying debtors. But any part of our process can be customized, depending on your company’s goals and needs. Together, we will create an ideal resolution timeline using an arsenal of the best debt recovery tactics.  We even identify and clear accounts that are non-collectable to ensure your accounts receivable process is as seamless as possible. 

Prefab Letter Services

When a debtor falls out of touch or fails to communicate, we can write and dispatch a series of letters detailing the obligations of their contract. If the debtor remains unresponsive our team can take legal action to ensure they are made aware of the outstanding balance. 

Traditional Debt Recovery & Settlement

Our team will work diligently to recover your accounts until they are paid in full. Once you turn your accounts over to us, you won’t have to lift a finger until they are resolved.  Our team identifies cases in which the debtor is unable to payrendering the account uncollectible.  

When debtors are unable to pay their bills, they can request settlement with the agency or client.  With your company’s permission, our team will negotiate the best possible outcome, whether it’s an extended timeline or a reduced balance.  

Additional Services

Let our team support your team by managing some of their most time-consuming office duties, such as:  

  • Workers Compensation Follow-Up
  • Patient Credits
  • Insurance Credits
  • Account Clean-Up
  • Special Projects